We are proud to offer you a non-invasive method of administration - a Mesotherapy & Dermal fillers.

This is a new technology of cosmetics industry.

Hyaluron Pen is based on German technology and is suitable to achieve instant results needless, no pain, no bruises, and no blood.

Hyaluron Pen stands for Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural substance and major component of skin, and it is involved in tissue repair. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind to and retain water molecules, that keeps the skin hydrated. Also, it is used for dermal filling, and lip tissue augmentation.

It is particularly suitable for:

* Building up volume in the Lip

* Fat dissolving 

* Nasolabial folds

* To get rid of fine lines

* Bio revitalisation

* Mesotherapy

* Vitamin Boost

* Hair loss


Everything without the needle.

This is the first time when you have the alternative of using usual methods.
No medical experience or any other experience required!

The secret of the Hyaluron Pen is its simplicity of performing; in this case anyone will be able to deliver the treatment after the training course. Volume build is achievable in as little as in 15 - 45 minutes with super natural results.


* Build volume of the Lip without the needles
* Wrinkles reduction of the Nasolabial folds
* Fine lines reduction without needles
* Short performance and time saving
* Biorevitalization for skin improvement
* Mesotherapy regeneration and skin boosting without the needles
* Vitamin Boost to the skin
* Hair loss repairing without needles
* Fat dissolving without needles

Two day training includes theoretical and practical part, full Starter kit and Hyaluron Pen device Included. Also, a fully Accredited & insurable Certificate. In the practical part of the training, each student will have the opportunity to practice on live model under the supervision of our Tutor.


Hyaluron Pen Training Course content:

  • HyaluronPen overview & work principle

  • Product structure and types may be used

  • Face & Skin anatomy

  • Aging processes

  • Client consultation

  • Consultation documentation

  • Health and safety

  • Application techniques

  • Contraindications

  • Aftercare

  • Business advice

  • Practical part

  • Treatment Demonstration

  • Live Models to learn on provided by us 

We will supply a full professional Starter Kit:

- Hyaluron Pen

- 2 x German made Hyalax® Hyaluron Acid Face Masks
- 2ml x German made Hyalax® Lip Filler
- 2ml x German made Hyalax® Face Rejuvenation Filler
- 5 x injection ampules 

- Marketing Materials 

- Live aftercare support


You'll be fully ready and equipped to work on client on completion of training

We encouraging you to participate with our Hyaluron Pen training course and open amazing opportunities to your clients.

Hyaluron Pen training normal price is £1999,
on sale for £1499 if booked by the end of June


Payment Plans available, Call us to find out more - 08006890189 or Chat with us directly on the website 

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