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Online Microblading, this is most complex training out of all.
After purchasing this course you will recieve 1st lesson manual.
After completion you will recieve first practical excercise, each new lesson will be available after completion of first one.


  • Teaching terms & conditions


    • The course is non-refundable.
    • Any questions/queries must be addressed before completing the course
    • You must apply for a DPA licence if you are going to hold customers personal details.
    • You must understand that you will not be perfect at the treatment straight away and this will come with practice
    • You must inform the government of your income and complete your annual tax returns.
    • You must have adequate insurance cover in order to perform the treatments on paying clients and it is your responsibility to check that your insurer will insure the course
    • Once you have completed your course BIMK LTD  is not responsible for any issues that may arise after training
    • You consent to your photos being used on social media & or for marketing purposes.
    • You agree to further contact from BIMK LTD in regards to the course you have done or further training opportunities.
    •  Any issues you may have with the academy or with your training must be discussed before completing the course and receiving your certificate and you must not slander the BIMK LTD / Beauty Institute. If you do slander you may be subject to a fine.
    • You understand that all the course content including pictures, text and videos are all protected by Copyright and must not be shared with anyone  without written consent from BIMK LTD . This may result in a fine up to £5000 if you share this information with anyone else
    • You understand your model treatments may not reach the full desired effect.
    • You understand your model must do a patch test at least 24 hours before treatment (if necessary)

    By purchasing our online training you automaticaly agree to our Terms & Conditions.

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